Grand Winner

Crawfish Claws Tug Heartstrings

Dashiel Hermann


To take a movie that's like "a single frame from everyday life" seems easy, but is actually hard. Here, lobsters become a great deal with the kids and the adults also get excited. And there is a camera. This is the true meaning of what it is to have a camera, right? Thats what I thought. Like a good short story.


イベント自体は無数の作品が集まり様々な要素が複雑に絡み合ってできている。 キングというのはいない。しかし、そこにコンテストの要素が入り込むと話は一気に単純になってしまう。この単純化によってボロボロと大事なものがこぼれおちていく。それが我々がコンテストが嫌いな理由だ。しかし、しかし!実際にコンテストをやってみたら、楽しかったのだ!我々は作品を選らばなければならない。




I'll get this out the way first: we don't like contests. So, until now, we have never held a contest. In a contest, the work selected as number one ends up representing all the others. Just like a boxing champ, or class ranking, number one is king. However, with creative works, this is never the case.

An event comes with countless intertwined elements, gathered together, complicating things. But, with the advent of a contest, things become immediately more simple. But, while we gain simplicity, many important factors fall by the wayside. That's why we don't like contests. But! But! When we actually tried a contest, it actually turned out to be pretty fun! We have to choose the winners...

And through the process of choosing, we got to thinking, and it became like we were choosing our route in life. Think, give up, start thinking again, and, finally, reach a conclusion. This is like a journey, to the inner self. Through choosing, you confirm those things you believe, one by one. To "choose" something, is to vindicate yourself. That's it. A contest is an inner journey. We didn't realize it until now.

To everyone who submitted a video, thank you.

We will now present the 15 works chosen.


How to Bathe a Chihuahua

by August Kryger

:: Baile Átha Chliath A Stóir :: Leaving Ireland ::

by Hilo Negro

la velocidad de la luz

by The Village&The Rous Bay


by cindy cyanwater

london town

by yellow


by alejandro castellanos

lost in the sub aquatic

by Nathaniel Whitcomb

harinezumi 03

by jose roda

Digital Harinezumi 2

by 2122748828

Stories of a camera

by david14

Ball Washer

by Lost Glove

another weekend

by Jordi Rins

(still untitled)

by nacho mayals mira

Pillow Fight!

by Watergun















Only “A boy who has never loved a girl” can be pure.
That is to say, I'm afraid, that your boyfriend has already fallen from grace (sorry).

“A boy who has never loved a girl”, with very few exceptions, thinks everything in the world is shit. Without question, the powerless state they're in now, and the powerless self they know they shouldn't be, both fail to come to the surface. Without a clear way to express themselves they're frustrated I'm sure.

“A boy who has never loved a girl” can quickly distinguish what's not shit. Whether it's someone tainted by commerce, an eccentric artist, or a no-name DJ, it doesn't matter. Shit is there, with a cowardly face, trying not to be seen but, like a sniffer dog, these boys can sniff out and move close to that which is not. With their heart, and their actions, they come for a handshake. This is their way, their etiquette, like their own Bushido. Anything else “pure”, is simply getting close to shit.

This is everything going to LA taught me.



However, girls are unlucky. They can never go out with “A boy who has never loved a girl”. That is to say, they can never touch true purity.

Yet another postscript:

Before you are a businessman, you should be an artist.
Before you are an artist, you should be pure.
Before you are pure, you should work hard.
I remembered this while in LA.

Last postscript:

In exchange for their a girlfriend, they give up all their powers. A handshake becomes something you do with a wry smile. However, sometime, they will meet true “work” and, again, get back that which they once had. Ah.. it would be so good if it's true... is what I'm thinking right now.

May 27 2010 07:00PM

The Harinezumi: Where Your Heart Should Be - Opening Reception


TAKEは10年以上にわたって、LAのビートシーンの中枢の一人として 活動してきた。

90年代のインストゥルメンタルヒップホップの最もストイックで美しい部分と 新しいビートシーンからの影響を柔軟に取り入れた、まさにLAを代表するトラッ クメーカーであり、あらゆる楽器を演奏するプレイヤーでもある。Takeは自分の 音楽に対して「Hip Hopという根っこがあって、スペースシップで新しい所を探 しに飛んでいってるんだ」と言っています。



Superheadz Djs/Vjs






May 27 - May 31, 2010

The Harinezumi: Where Your Heart Should Be - Exhibition

4-day exhibition at Space 15 Twenty Gallery


April 26 - May 21st, 2010

The Harinezumi: Where Your Heart Should Be - Contest

Superheadz and Space 15 Twenty present a very special contest: Harinezumi: Where Your Heart Should Be

The top prize winner gets an all expenses paid trip to Tokyo!