Words from the developers


写真会 CLOT 独占販売

The third generation Digital Harinezumi release date has arrived.
After the news of the end-production of the 1.5-inch screen which was a prominent part of the Digital Harinezumi, everyone believed that no more Digital Harinezumi series would be launched in the future - but no, they did not end there. We have successfully found the monitors needed, and we proceeded to the development right away. And here they are - a new version release!

This time, the look has been renewed. We have kept the lovable form, but a cool and spicy design is here. We have also put on new functions for one purpose "to make much crazier films". With the three new functions: Smoky, Over Exposure, Digital Zoom, it makes possible for users to create much more radical images unattainable with normal shootings. None of them are quiet honor-roll student type effects. There are many cameras out there if you are looking for photogenic effects, but we are going for something completely different. The new functions have made possible the ultimate form of that thought. It's not too much to say that the Digital Zoom and the other 2 functions are functions that are there to not take proper photos. Doesn't it make things more fun for us all anyway, to have at least one camera like that in the world?

Digital Harinezumi is an "inconvenient camera" that is far from cameras on smart phones. You can not send the photos via SNS, share with friends, or add free apps to it. But then, why do smart phone users, digital SLR and compact digital camera users also use Digital Harinezumi? And why are artists all over the world attracted to this camera? Why is it called the "king of expressionistic digital camera"?

There's no one answer - but the important thing is that cameras should be "simply fun" to walk around will; that's really it. We have seen many people who were dubious about Digital Harinezumi's charms who has gone out to a walk with the camera and came back with a smile on their face.

The size of Digital Harinezumi is perfect for freely and daringly moving the camera up and down, the lightness leaves no strain at all for the users. Also, the videos playing on the little monitor is almost likes capturing the scenery inside your camera, making photo shoots into exciting reminders about how excited we used to get as a child in the summer running around with glass jars to capture fireflies or trying to catch crawfish in the river. In other words, Digital Harinezumi makes photography into a beautiful summer memory. This "beautiful summer memory" is what motivates us to take photos.

What is the mission of a camera? That mission is not to be a very useful tool, to be free of charge, or to be versatile. Cameras, without contents such as photographs or videos are just empty boxes. The mission, the purpose of a camera is to make you desire to trap the scenery in front of you. Digital Harinezumi might seem tiny and adorable, but please - leave that mission up to the camera. If you are to take the scenery reflecting in your eyes with excitement or not, that is all up to you, it's nothing to do with the specs or the functionality of the cameras, or if they are free or not; it\'s all much more simple, physical, and emotional than that.

When we announced about the DH production discontinuation, it was March of 2011 after the earthquake.
A year later, being able to make an announcement about a new version, Digital Harinezumi3.0, it gives me a profound experience of happiness. Please, with this unique and one of a kind digital camera, capture your life as much as possible. I believe that in this world, the winners are those that capture as much as possible.

We have opened up a photograph commenting site called "Shashinkai". You can see many photos taken by Digital Harinezumi there so please take a peek sometime. You will be surprised by the width a "normal" photos or "daily" photos have just by visiting the site. These photos were not taken at special places or with special techniques, they are all experiences within a 10m radius. There is not everyday life without unusualness. "Everyday life" is not so boring as we thought. Everyday life - is a strange thing.