Produced by: Alex Pelly & Mark "frosty" Mcneill
Japanese liaison: Hashim B.
Audio mastered by: Jake Viator
Vinyl mastering: Pete Lyman (
Design by: Jesselisa Moretti
Powershovel team: Hideki Ohmori, Erina Suto & Yuichiro Fujimoto


Butchy Fuego


"Giant Slice" by Butchy Fuego

Film by DLS Solution and Butchy Fuego

Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson


"Mezame" by Carlos Niño and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Keyboards, Field Recordings and Space Sounds

by Carlos Niño

String Arrangement, Violin, Viola and Cello by

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Acoustic Guitar by Robin Aire

Produced by Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Keyboards, Field Recordings and Space Sounds

Recorded and Mixed by Carlos Niño

Violin, Viola and Cello Recorded and Mixed by

Benjamin Tierney and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Video Filmed and Directed by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

Edited by Chisa Saga with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson





"Breakwater" by Dntel

Video by Dntel

Dying Songs (BMI)





"627" by ESP

Recorded by Fritz Michaud

Mixed and mastered by Dave Cooley

Film shot by AHAHA SEAN and ASKA.

Edited by Touch Touch Publishing & Ali Bar Bar



Farmer Dave Scher


Farmer Dave Scher in "Beautiful Venice Day" by Trace Marshall and Farmer Dave Scher

Filmed by Trace Marshall

Music by Farmer Dave Scher

Female Voice: Yuki Nakamura

"Love and Light to the people of Japan"



Julia Holter & Nite Jewel


"What We See" by Julia Holter and Nite Jewel (Ramona Gonzalez)

Film by Delaney Bishop ( and Jose Wolff (

Camera operated by Rich Briglia






"In Search of Summer (So Swesey Mix)" by Languis

Written by Alejarndro Cohen, John Girgus, Stephen Swesey, Marcos Chloca

Film by Languis

Edited by Alex Pelly and Bowen Goh


Lucky Dragons


"KCRW Supporters" by Lucky Dragons

Film by Lucky Dragons




Onkyovizion "Eye Light"


Ras G


"Bus Ride" by Ras G

Film by Ariana Natale and Ras G




SUN ARAW "Evening Meditations"




Suzanne Kraft & Brogan Bentley


"Coasts" by Suzanne Kraft and Brogan Bentley



“All This Time" by Sweatson Klank


Film by Matt Amato and Sweatson Klank


Teebs & yuk.


Teebs & Yuk. "Estara"




The Long Lost


"Your Own Backyard" by The Long Lost

Directed and Edited by Laura Darlington

Camera by Laura Darlington, David Wexler and Jordan Kim





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